How to Order

Choose the product you want and then select the size from the pull-down menu on the product page. Click on ‘Add to basket’ and you will find the product in your shopping basket. If you want more than one piece, change the number to the quantity you want.

After selecting all your purchases, check your shopping basket to make sure that all the information concerning your order is correct. If you want to change the number of items you are ordering or cancel a purchase, just change the number of pieces you have ordered or click on ‘Delete’ to remove the product/products from your basket or to change their number.

If all the information is correct, click ‘Proceed to checkout’ where you can enter your buyer information for the delivery.

When filling in your order information, you can either register yourself as a customer or make an order simply by entering your address. After you have entered the necessary information, click ‘Next’.

Check once again that the order information is correct and click ‘Place order’.

Payment in the online store takes place via Klarna checkout. You can pay for your purchase directly via your bank's online service or pay by credit card or Klarna invoice or account.

If your order was successful, you will receive a message about it in your e-mail. The order confirmation will also show your order number. If you receive no message in your e-mail, please contact our customer service number at +358 500 207 272 or 

Changing or Cancelling an Order

If you want to change or cancel your order, please notify us as soon as possible by e-mail at

This return form should be filled out and attached at each customer return.

PDF: Customer return form

Ordering with a Coupon Code

If you have a discount code or code for your club and you want to redeem the discount or benefit, please add the code in question in the field 'Vouchers’ when ordering. The code for this discount or benefit must be entered during the ordering process, as they cannot be redeemed afterwards.

Sports Clubs

Contact us and we will send you a coupon code that will allow your club to earn a 30% (or 10%/20%) commission for every purchase that the club’s members make in our online shop. Contact us!

Every member of the club can place an order at any time, and when they enter the coupon code given to the club during their order process, the club earns a commission on the order. Every club is given only one code, which all members of the club can use to place an order at any time. Commissions are paid to clubs every third month.